Piriformis Syndrome: A Pain in the Butt! – By Dr. Louise Bullard


Have you been having a pain in the butt? 

Piriformis syndrome is when the piriformis muscle is inflamed. The piriformis muscle is a thick band like muscle that runs diagonally across the buttocks region. This muscle gets inflamed from certain things such as carrying a wallet in your back pocket, sitting with your leg under your bottom, playing pickle ball or tennis, or having a trauma such as a fall. Once this muscle is inflamed it is very hard to get it healed without the assistance of passive therapies to help release the muscle. Chiropractors can get you better without having to use corticoid steroids or pain pills. Ultrasound therapy and chiropractic adjustments will heal the muscle and get you back to enjoying your daily activities. When people have piriformis syndrome they will get pain in their buttocks region while sitting on hard surfaces and while walking. This syndrome is very commonly misdiagnosed as having a problem in the low back. Therefore, if you get treated for the low back it will not resolve your symptoms. Chiropractors are trained to address this syndrome specifically rather than look at the low back as a general area.

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