Post-surgical Rehab by Jackie Manning, ARNP

You successfully went under the knife and made it out on the other side! Congrats! The hard part is over now, right? Well, not so fast. Another phase of recovery awaits.

In most cases, medical experts recommend physical therapy following an operation. The benefits are many and varied. However, post-surgical rehabilitation can be a long process over the course of many months.

Let’s Talk Shoes! by Jackie Manning, ARNP

Is there a relationship between shoe choice and chronic pain?

It can certainly be difficult to connect the dots between those adorable shoes that complete your ensemble and the misery you feel within minutes of walking in them!

Chronic knee and back pain that is seemingly getting worse by the day,

Roller to the Rescue by Jackie Manning, ARNP

Like a pastry chef, rolling dough to even out the consistency, sometime muscles need the same TLC. In fact, foam rolling can be just what the doctor ordered—much needed relief to an ache or pain.

Most of us in physical therapy, are familiar with the benefits of foam rollers for chronic muscle pain.

Celebrate that Vessel with Physical Fitness by Jackie Manning, ARNP

These days, many are eager to load up on golden nuggets of wisdom on how to become as healthy as possible. Boosting our immune system and celebrating the grand, miraculous vessel that is the human form is certainly NOT a waste of time and energy. Quite the opposite. Doing so can grant us more time via longevity and more energy coursing through our veins.