Celebrate that Vessel with Physical Fitness by Jackie Manning, ARNP

These days, many are eager to load up on golden nuggets of wisdom on how to become as healthy as possible. Boosting our immune system and celebrating the grand, miraculous vessel that is the human form is certainly NOT a waste of time and energy. Quite the opposite. Doing so can grant us more time via longevity and more energy coursing through our veins. The next few blog posts will be devoted to all the various ways you can go about celebrating your vessel.

Many of us experience tired, sore, or achy muscles from time to time. Physical wellness is vital to our daily life in terms of general function and optimal enjoyment. There are several simple ways to make your body healthier right here, right now. One of the simplest things ways to improve is to drink MORE water and FEWER sugary drinks. Your body is primarily composed of water, which is why staying hydrated is crucial and primary to your wellbeing. Here’s a list of a few more simple tips that can easily be added to your daily routine to make a huge improvement in physical health:

  1. Exercise regularly! No need to join a gym. Getting regular exercise can be as simple as taking a walk, riding a bike or a jog around the neighborhood. Even heading to the local mall or exercising at home via a virtual class can do the trick.
  2. Balance is another quick trick to improve health. Balance can decrease with age as bones start to become more brittle. Improving your balance can help you avoid trips, falls, and injuries. Improving balance can also lead to enjoyment in activities you couldn’t previously pull off. A physical therapist can provide you with several different types of exercises to improve your balance, whether you’re standing, walking, or going through an exercise routine.
  3. Physical therapy can help you recover after surgery or an injury, or maybe even avoid injury and surgery altogether!
  4. Avoiding surgery is the best rule of thumb. When surgery is off the table, you also avoid the associated risks of blood clots, infection, and a lengthy recovery time. Often, our team of physical therapists and health care providers can correct a problem without the need for surgery at all. A few of these many ailments, are sprains, strains, dislocations, tendonitis, bursitis, arthritis, and acute/chronic pain.
  5. Get a good night’s sleep! Sleep allows our body to restore itself through the repairing of cells and the rebooting of the brain. How much? The general recommendation is between seven and eight hours for adults.
  6. Wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands! This advice has been on the tip of the collective tongue. Viruses can live on doorknobs, water fountains, and flushers, among other surfaces. No need to become obsessive, but washing before touching your face, before eating, and after going to the bathroom should cover a lot of bases.

Ready to begin anew? Life is a gift! How can we help you maximize and celebrate your sacred vessel?