Post-surgical Rehab by Jackie Manning, ARNP

You successfully went under the knife and made it out on the other side! Congrats! The hard part is over now, right? Well, not so fast. Another phase of recovery awaits.

In most cases, medical experts recommend physical therapy following an operation. The benefits are many and varied. However, post-surgical rehabilitation can be a long process over the course of many months. It’s vital to the healing process for post-surgical patients to understand that regardless of the type of surgery, the recovery period will take time, and the timeframe depends on many factors. Since recovery is a complex process, doing the right amount and type of exercise is important to your recovery and requires a team of highly trained healthcare providers and physical therapists.


Surgeries that involve the hips and knees always require physical therapy in order to regain mobility and flexibility. Other types of surgery are a matter of preference and benefit consideration.

In many situations, therapy is divided into separate stages. The first phase comes immediately after surgery. At this time, the body part may be immobilized while pain and swelling start to reduce. The next phase is a series of progressive exercises designed to improve range of motion, stability and function. The end goal is to return you to a pre-injury activity level in which you can resume your preferred lifestyle, whether that means walking, gardening, sports, or daily house chores. Our physical therapists at Strive understand the different stages of healing and know how to develop a treatment plan that speeds up recovery, so that you can return to YOU.

Medical professionals generally recommend physical therapy due to the proven benefits, such as promotion of healing, regaining of mobility, hastening of recovery, improving of postoperative pain, rehabilitating function of the body part, and reducing scar tissue formation.

Why let your recovery take longer, when Strive can put you on a faster track to recovery? Call us today!