Tell your aching feet to take a hike by Jackie Manning, ARNP

Our feet do a lot of work but get very little attention. At least, not until we start having foot pain. Then they demand that attention like a toddler demands candy! Why do feet hurt so badly? Well foot pain is usually coming from a mix of different interwoven structures, including the bones, ligaments, tendons, and muscles. Often after a minor foot injury the pain will resolve on its own. However, if pain is the result of a chronic degenerative condition, complete pain relief may require conservative and interventional treatments.

What’s causing the aching?

Foot pain can be caused by Achilles tendinitis, arthritis, bone spurs, gout, muscle, ligament and tendon strains, and/or ill-fitting shoes. If your foot pain is caused by an injury, overuse, or a degenerative condition, you may be experiencing inflammation, redness, and severe discomfort. Chronic foot pain symptoms may also consist of numbness or tingling, burning or shooting pain, muscle weakness, and/or joint pain.

What’s the remedy?

You can choose from several options for chronic foot pain. The cause will determine the treatment. Identifying the source of the discomfort may lead you to explore choices like medication management, joint injections, or steroid injections. More conservative treatment plans may include physical therapy, massage therapy or even chiropractic care. At Strive, our team of professionals will assist you in determining the root of your chronic foot pain, so we can pinpoint the best treatment for you. Give us a call!